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Respiratory Hygiene Stations • Infection Control

Respiratory Hygiene Stations
Help Prevent Visitors from
Spreading Germs
• Respiratory Hygiene Stations provide CDC 5194M5 shown with
recommended products to help visitors and Sign holder 5194M2
staff comply with the “Cover your Cough” (sold separately)
directive Innovative Medicus Product
• Fit great on counter tops and key holed
designed so they are easy to mount to the wall
and refill
• All Hygiene Stations mount easily to optional
Kiosk Stand. Combine to create a respiratory
kiosk station with signage for guests to learn
about cough etiquette
• Have all of the tools ready to support and
place in lobbies, waiting rooms, nurse stations
and elevators to reinforce your Infection
Control Practices
• Clear PETG Plastic Station is built to last. Don’t 36.5"
settle for cheap acrylic knockoffs that crack 5194M7
easily, yellow over time and splinter when you
try to clean or wipe them down with standard
cleaning products
• Unit holds hand sanitizer, tissues and face
masks (sold separately)
• Overall Hygiene Station dimensions: 18"L
17"W x 10"H x 5"D
• Standard ABS Station: Available in Locking Pair the Kiosk Stand with
and Non-Locking; Made from durable any Hygiene Station to fit
plastic and are designed for hand pumps or 2"H Weighted the needs of your facility
wipes 18"W Base
• Foam/Hand Pump Stations: Available in
Locking and Non-Locking; Made from durable
ABS plastic and are designed for Foam and
Hands Free Purell Dispensers. Dispenser
mounting area for your hand sanitizer that
measures 6"W x 13.75"H
• Sign Holder: Add the 8.5"W x 11"H Sign
Holder and the Cover your Cough sign as a
visual reminder to follow the CDC guidelines
• Kiosk Stand: All metal stand that mounts
directly to all styles of Respiratory Hygiene 5194M1 - Standard Station 2213M1 - Locking Station
• Woodgrain ABS Stations: Give your facility an
upscale look to match decor Dispenser not

Part # Description Each
5194M5 Clear PETG Respiratory
Hygiene Station
5194M1 Standard ABS Plastic for
Hand Pump/Wipes
2213M1 Locking ABS Plastic for
Hand Pump
2207M1 Foam/Hand Pump Stations
2212M1 Locking Foam/Hand
Pump Stations 2207M1 - Foam/Hand Pump Station 2212M1 - Locking Foam/Hand Station
5194M2 Sign Holder
5194M7 Kiosk Stand
Woodgrain ABS Plastic
2817M1 Maple • 18"W x 10.5"H x 4.5"D
2817M2 Cherry • 18"W x 10.5"H x 4.5"D

2817M1 - Maple 2817M2 - Cherry
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