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Visitor Wellness Centers • Infection Control

Visitor Wellness Centers
• Unique stand includes: Hands Free Purell
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Drip Guard,
Tissue Bracket and Face Mask Bracket giving
you all the tools necessary to provide high
visibility infection control solutions to visitors Innovative Medicus Product
and hospital staff
• Free-standing unit can be placed in high traffic
areas near entrances, lobbies, nurses’ stations,
elevator banks, cafeterias and other common
• Helps build infection control awareness in your
organization, prevents the spread of
respiratory infections in healthcare facilities
and adheres to CDC recommended guidelines
by providing PPE and visual alerts to visitors/
guests within your facility
(See page 10) 2372M1 2372M5
• Mask and Tissue Brackets attach easily to the
back of the stand for easy visual identification;
hardware included
• 56"H; 16"L x 16"W metal base
• Available in three different styles
• Table Top Stand: 23"H with 9"W base

Part # Description Each
2372M1 Gray Stand with TFX Dispenser
2372M5 Gray Stand with LTX Dispenser
2380M1 Black Stand with Brushed
Aluminum Dispenser
2373M1 Table Top Stand

Don’t use Purell?
Give us a call to see how we can build a stand that
you can use with your preferred brand
of hand sanitizer:
877-514-1140 or e-mail us at:
[email protected]

For Current Pricing Please See Our Website:
Order Online @ • Fax: 616.514.1141 • Call: 877.514.1140 11
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